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    RH Word Import (Not Linking) - Creating CSS files I don't want, master page issues


      RH8 - New project

      Output - WebHelp Pro

      Going to be adding project to RoboSource Control after set-up is done


      Hi all,

      I'm trying to set up a new RH8 project as cleanly as possible before a non-RH savy client takes it over. I've tried steering them away from using Word as part of their process and to buy more RH licenses for their training team, but no dice. I've set up a CSS in the project (using List Styles and Paragraph styles), bare-bones Word template with styles (for one-off procedures - not going to be a multi-page/multi-topic scenario), mapped those styles, and the import works. However, it creates a new CSS file and associates it with the new topic. Yes, I can associate it to the good CSS after the fact, but is there any way to stop it from cluttering up the project with unnecessary CSS files?


      Question 2: Any way to tell Word import "I want you to import to x master page" or do you just have to apply after?




      Katie Carver

      Docs-to-You, LLC

      Phoenix, AZ