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    Cards & Invitations

    SarahEssary Community Member

      Hi Romans,


      With the holidays fast approaching, many people are inviting family and friends to their holiday get-togethers, dinners and parties. What better way to invite or thank them for hosting, than sending invitations and cards with a personal touch! You can create a new invitation or card from scratch or use one of our templates as a foundation. Go to the Launch Bar > Create New > Cards & Invitations check out our template library.


      Feel free to customize these templates as you see fit for the host of holidays coming up! For example, you can swap out photos, and change the colors and font to match any holiday. To get your wheels turning, check out this greeting card example using animation: http://bit.ly/9qwIuK.


      Your feedback is always appreciated and helps shape Project ROME for the future, so let us know about your creation experiences (e.g., ease of use, issues, wants of ROME, etc.). Have fun!


      Autumn Greetings Card.jpg

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          Michael Jahn Community Member

          I found this distracting. There is a reason designers do not animate images behind text, just like designers do not tend to use 5 different fonts in a 5 letter word.


          I know we are all here to see the wonderful, powerful tools that ROME provides - I just happen to feel that this example - while clever - is from the land of bad ideas.


          I may be alone in that feeling, and thats okay - not here to flame, but as a designer, I just found it very distracting - so much so, I can't even recall what the text actually said or even what it was about !


          Not trying to be mean.


          I am very much enjoying the examples, just not this one.

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            SarahEssary Community Member

            Hi Romans,


            If you have a business or involved in marketing, you might also think about sending holiday cards and invitations and including your branded graphic. Check out this vector graphic we created below.

            vector yoga.jpg

            During our time creating this graphic, we understood it may take time to create an original branded graphic. Did you run into the same experiences? If you had other  thoughts or trouble along the way, let us know by posting to this  thread. Your feedback on creating vector graphics will help us make  customize this feature to better help you and your classroom!







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              Michael Jahn Community Member

              Perhaps I am confused, but using gradients in artwork is not a problem, and if lets say the gradient - or objects in front of it - were animated, again, even if there were banding, the movement would certainly distract you from it...


              Banding - as far as I understand it - is more often caused when either the gradient is rendered into a halftone - and the resolution is set too low, or the line screen is set too high, and there is insufficient variability of spots - that gather to build the halftone dots..


              if this is to simplistic, perhaps this link might help;



              So - if this gradient in the background were being designed by me - I would add grain or noise to it.


              I have created a very simple PDF file that helps people better understand banding;


              I created two gradients in Adobe Illustrator and saved it out as a PDF - view it in Acrobat and zoom in on the far right


              - the top will have banding, the bottom will not.



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                SarahEssary Community Member

                Hi Michael,


                Thanks for the feedback on creating a graphic. Do you have any to share using Project ROME? I understand you are using other Adobe products. Does Project ROME lack any specific features you would like to see available? If so, please let us know which features and why you would need these available in the application.


                Also, the below shortened link might be broken or set to private because I'm unable to access the PDF. Any other link to share?


                Thanks for weighing in on this discussion!







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                  Michael Jahn Community Member

                  Sorry that link was broken, here it is




                  I use the Google URL shortner on the URLs that acrobat.com generates as they contain characters like * and # which trip up and fail to work when posting on many forums like LinkedIn.


                  I am playing with ROME and do not have anything worth sharing at this time.


                  Can you share the link to this Yoga ROME project ?

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                    Michael Jahn Community Member

                    can i simply reply to these emails, or do i need to - like face book and

                    most forums - follow the link and post my answers there ?







                    Michael Jahn

                    2137 Shielah Way,

                    Sacramento, CA 95822

                    *(805) 217-6741




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                      Michael Jahn Community Member

                      sweet !


                      Looks I can simply reply from Gmail right to the forum !


                      Okay - so, back to what you asked - do i have anything to share ? Well, I do now, but have no idea how to share it.


                      I am still unsure how I could create a link to a template, so people can click on it and open what I have worked on, but clearly there must be a way to provide a 'view only' and a 'post you annotaions' and of course the 'collaborate' permissions level where several people can edit...


                      but - I don't know how to.


                      I have shared it - it is called Compose Business Card - and this is what I did...


                      Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 8.33.22 PM.png


                      but - when i do that, it never provides me a way to capture a link to this ...


                      I am not sure if this approach will work - but i can manage to save to my www.acrobat.com account, and then Share / Publish the "BusinessCard2.anh file - can people then access and then edit this somehow ? Is this the method (seems odd not to then offer different permissions levels) ...


                      Anyway, that link is here;




                      okay - so, here is the PDF file I exported from Project ROME;




                      Help !