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    loadMovie vs file Size - Constraints


      I have 2 movies. 1st: sspaintings.swf, 2nd: firstladies.swf
      Both are large but independently they load fine.


      The 1st is published in Flash 6 actionscript 1. This one has a loader with 107 frames.
      The 2nd is published in Flash 7 Actionscript 2. This one also has a loader with 43 frames.
      I purchased these and modified them to meet my needs.


      Now I want to load the 2nd movie into the 1st movie.
      I do this off the main stage and then when the user wants to see it I just move it into view. This can be seen on the "Travelling page" when the button "GO to Firstladies book" is clicked.


      The 1st movie is 107 frames. At frame 104 on the main scene I added an empty movie clip called: "emptyclip"
      Also at frame 104 (not on the emptyclip) I added the following actionscript.


      _root.emptyclip.width = 766;
      loadMovie( "firstladies.swf". _root.emptyclip);


      These work with a small file however the movie never loads with firstladies.swf
      What I did to test the script was that I changed the "firtsladies.swf" to a smaller file called "partialloader.swf" which has a loader and some images and that one loads. I also tried this:
      loadMovie( "firstladies.swf". _root.emptyclip.emtpysqre);
      Where emptysqre is a movieclip and the movie loads very quickly but on level 1 right on top of my original movie.
      I believe this is a mistake but it showed me that the movie does load.


      I also tried to use loadMovieNum at the release of a button and it works on test mode but not on the website.


      I have a sample on www.sspaintings.com. You will see "Loading 100%" flickering but it never loads.
      Any suggestions or information on how large a *.swf can be to load into another movie.
      Do I have to have alonger timeline on my original movie?


      Any help, book or link would be appreciate it.


      Thanks Samantha