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    Contribute and Dreamweaver / Network Drive!

      Hi All!

      Due to security limitations, the site I manage has no ftp access (the entire site is uploaded to a remote server each time as a zip file). Also, we have no local testing server so the entire site is actually administered on a local network drive. I have the site set up in Dreamweaver but we have Contribute on a second machine in the office and I'd like to set the site up so that I can administer it through dreamweaver while an editor would be able to make simple edits through Contribute.

      The editor can connect to the local drive with Contribute without issue but I'd like to enable Contribute compatibility in Dreamweaver to allow check-in/check out. In the 'site definition' dialog in dreamweaver, under the 'Contribute' category, I checked 'Enable Contribute compatibility' but it also asks for the Site Root URL. However, this site has to be administered on the local network drive (I tried using the path as the site rool url) so I can't figure out if it even going to be possible to set it up to work.

      Is it even going to be possible to set up the site, Dreamweaver and Contribute to work together on a local drive instead of an actual server?

      Thanks very much in advance.