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    Subversion connection error



      I made a site in Contribute...and connected it to a CPS. The user went in and edited the page and published. The next day, same login, the user gets a message that "the subversion site setings have changed, and to recreate the conection"..except that there were no changes (Subversion isn't hooked up)

      Tried removing the adminstration, removing the user, and manuallyremoving the admin files from the web directory. Even removed the site from the CPS. Rrecreated the connection....I'm adin, so I'm good. The next user (also admin) opens Contribute, removes the connection to the CPS, recreates it, and can edit the page. Wonderful! Opens Contribute again, and there's that annoying message again!


      This has happened on 2 sites so far..without an explanaton..no help in the CPS or Contribute manual.


      Someone told me to just remove the HUB file and let the user log in first (before me).


      Any ideas are welcomed..Very, very frustrated!