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    cellRenderer and checkBox

      I have a DataGrid with checkBox integrated. Everything is fine until I sort entries by clicking on one of the headers (set sortable).

      Exemple: the DG is listed by file name with check box to select files to download. I sort the DG entries by last modified date in order to show files by chronological order. Now, i cannot check the buttons correctely, because the cell index of the new order doesn't much the cell index set by cell Renderer API. The initial cell index of 0 resorted to the index place of 2, for exemple, return 0 for :
      public function click(){ trace(getCellIndex().itemIndex); // --> 0 },
      public function setValue(str:String, item:Object, sel:Boolean) : Void { trace(getCellIndex().itemIndex); // --> 2 }

      What can I do to coordinate the index ?