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    Archiving Projects that use Nested Sequences

    llaferte Level 1

      I'm looking for some help using Project Manager to archive projects that use nested sequences. 


      I work at the University of Michigan, we are wrapping up a study that is based on files from many Premiere Pro projects.  Each project started with 150 to 160 min of video footage from two cameras.


      Of this we have edited down to a 10 – 20min finished sequence containing footage from both cameras as a two-camera shoot.  I want to archive eachproject (to save HDD space) retaining only the used sections of footage in thePPro archived project, allowing us to make minor edits to the projects.


      My workflow has been to rely heavily on nested sequences throughout each project.  From two sequences containing all of the footage from Camera1 and Camera2 all the way to the final cut sequence everything is dependent on a series of interim nested sequences. So the last sequence “Final” is based/linked on the very first sequences.  When I attempt toarchive this using Project Manager the nested sequence edits are not recognized as individual clips.  I either end up with all of the original footage or no footage.  I’m not sure how (if?) I can archive these projects in a way to eliminate all but the final file footage segments with 30 frame handles.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction or offer some advice?