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    Black video doesn't render in CS5!


      I have searched high and low for the solution to this problem!


      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 on my AMD x64 Win 7 system. I have sequences in Premiere Pro that are supposed to have black video in between clips for dramatic effect. These playback fine in the Sequence preview window. But when I attempt to render this out in Adobe Media Encoder, the exported file only shows the last-known non-black frame and holds on it until the black video is supposed to be gone. So if I want 5 seconds of black, it will give me 5 seconds of the previous non-black frame instead.


      This seems to happen with all codecs and formats. It happens whether I use no video, black video, or a black color matte. It does NOT happen in After Effects CS5.


      If someone knows the answer to this problem, please share it with me as I'm tearing my hair out at this point! (Also I'm having trouble with the common Quicktime gamma problem... I still haven't found a workaround for it.)



      Gordon F.