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    putting the contents of an entire list as text in a cast member

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I know that this is a trivial question but i can not make it to work. I am trying to display the contents of an entire list in a text cast memeber, but my script displays only the last item. Any way to fix this?

      global gMyList
      on startmovie

      gMyList = []

      global gMyList

      on mousedown
      n = count (gMyList)
      sText = ""

      repeat with i = 1 to n
      tText = gMyList.getAt(n)
      sText = sText & tText & RETURN
      end repeat
      delete the last char of sText
      -- place ALL text into text member
      alert string (tText)
      member("score").text = tText