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    MSI Nvidia N470GTX and MPE

    Anthony Freeman 99

      Hi All,


      Please can you help me. I would like to build my own video editing system using CS5. I have been shooting and editing wedding videos for 15 yrs. (please see www.freemanproductions.co.za) . It as all been SD up until now, and we would like to purchase a sony nxcam which shoots in the AVCHD format. I would need to edit this nativley without having to transcode. I am about to research building my own PC system. (We have an 8 core mac pro 2.8ghz with FCP, and I am very disillusioned with FCP lack of development as far as AVCHD and bluray is concerned)


      The only graphics card that I can find here in South Africa that resembles an approved CUDA card for realtime MPE activation is the MSI Nvidia N470GTX. (1.2 Gb 320bit GDDR5 3348Mhz memory)


      Can anyone please tell me with certainty whether this card will "work" on Premier CS5?  By "work" I mean activate the MPE, and allow me to edit at least 3 tracks of AVCHD natively.


      Your help would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          For PC a definite yes, for MAC


          Have a look here: http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum?view=overview


          In the drop down box there may be articles of interest to you.

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            Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

            Dear Harm,


            Thank you very much for the response.


            Im so sorry to be troubling you with the questions below, but unfortunately

            I just don’t have access to people locally whom I can direct my questions

            to, and you have probably seen these question on myriad occasions. I would

            be very grateful if you could advise me.


            As discussed we do a lot of wedding videographey, each video is about 3 hrs

            in length shot on 2 cameras we can do up to 10 a month. (The reason that I

            mention this is to indicate that the system will be working quite hard and

            will need to be reliable and stable and I am willing to spend more to attain



            Typically for a wedding video we would use a lot of colour grading, blurs

            and soft focus effects, black and white effects, slow motions,  we also do

            split screen shots showing the groom speaking to the bride and her reaction.

            (we presently use magic bullet looks).


            On AVCHD footage can we apply these effects above in realtime? Will magic

            bullet realise any benefit from the MSI Nvidia N470GTX or does it depend on

            the CPU and RAM ? Do you think that it will be a pleasant editing experience

            or are we in for a frustrating and lengthy delays? (Do you know of any

            reports of other users with similar demanding editing requirements?) 


            Also I managed to find another supplier of a GTX cards. They have a brand

            called Palit gtx470. They are similar in terms of price, any suggestions



            I am at the moment trying to put together the list of items that I would

            need to purchase here in order to build the machine:


            At the moment I have:


            -1x Intel i7 960 3.2ghz  R4195 (the R is the south African rand currency)

            (the other option is i7 intel 950 3.06 ghz at R2126 - almost half the price,

            do you think its worth the extra squeeze for the 0.2GHZ?)

            -1x Asus P6X58D Premium mother board

            -Kingston Hyper X 6GB 2000MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM (Kit of 3) XMP T1 Series


            -I would like to get 2x6G so that I have a total of 12G

            -Windows 7 pro 64bit


            -For hard drives I was thinking of a 3x Seagate barracuda ST32000641AS  2

            Terabyte drives (one for system, one two for video). Apparently these drives

            are SATA3, will they work with the above motherboard?, if not Seagate have

            1.5T SATA2 drives at half the price. (Is there a significant difference

            between SATA 2 and 3 for my requirements of long function editing? I would

            also like to configure the drives as a raid. Can you please advise me on how

            to go about this, or do you have a post that deals with RAID.


            -Would a 750W power supply suffice? There's a make called thermal take that

            I could look at.


            Would the above components play nicely with each other, to yield a stable

            and reliable workhorse?


            Thanks so much again

            Kind Regards


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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Magic Bullet Looks does not use the MPE hardware engine, it still requires (long) renders, even on very fast systems. The rest of your effects will profit very much from a CUDA enabled card by a factor 10 or more.


              The 960 is relatively expensive. Either go for the 950 at half the price and overclock it a bit, or go all the way with a hexa core 970/980X. In either case I would go for 24 GB memory (6 x 4GB). I'm not partial to Seagates. With the volume of data you would be better served with 6 x 1 TB than 3 x 2 TB, depending on your intended raid configuration and your raid controller. Samsung F3's are a very popular choice with a great price/performance ratio. An alternative can be WD RE4 disks. For the PSU go at least to 850W or better yet 1000 W.


              All these issues are covered in the articles I pointed you to and numerous threads on the hardware forum. Also have a look at the PPBM5 Benchmark

              It will show you what a good system consists of.

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                Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                Dear Harm,


                Thank you for your prompt response. I will need a bit of time to digest and delve into your answer. At the outset excuse my ignorance but im not sure what "hexa core 970/980X" is, maybe it hasnt hit our shores. I am Also not familiar with "WD RE4 disks".


                I intend to read your suggested thread.


                Thank you again for your time in responding. It is appreciated.


                Have a good Evevning (Its 7;30pm here is SA)



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  There are two major lines of i7 CPU's, originally only quad (4) cores but later extended to include hexa (6) cores which are even faster.


                  WD RE4 means Western Digital Raid Edition version 4.