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    How can I extend the Vector class?

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to extend the Vector class so I can get add a .remove(item:T) method to the class.  I've tried this:


      public class VectorCollection extends Vector.<T>


      That gives me the compile error "1017: The definition of base class Vector was not found"


      So then I tried:


      public class VectorCollection extends Vector


      Which gives me the compile error "1016: Base class is final."


      There must be some way to extend the Vector class, though, as on the Vector's official docs page it says:


      Note: To override this method in a subclass of Vector, use ...args for the parameters, as this example shows:
           public override function splice(...args) {
             // your statements here


      So there must be a way to extend the Vector class.  What am I doing wrong?