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    n00b dust bust question

    BabaG1 Level 1

      brand new to ae and have a question. i have some film captures that have some dirt and a couple of minor sensor spots.

      i've used the clone tool to successfully paint out the dirt using only a single layer of my footage and several clone presets

      for various offset values. works great. now for the problem.


      i thought a good way to address the sensor spots would be to add a layer, darken it, then clone it through to the main layer.

      the sensor spots just look like small circular areas that are slightly lighter than the rest of the image. for that reason, i

      thought i'd just darken a lower layer and poke it through, adjusting the exposure until it matched the main one.


      i was able to create the second layer and darken it. i called this new layer 'for spots.' i also made a new clone preset that is

      set to use 'for spots' as the source. align is checked and there is no offset either in position or time. i added a filter to

      darken the image for this layer. i used extreme settings just to be sure i could see the changes when i began cloning. i

      assumed i could adjust things later.


      when i go to my composition window, though, and select the main layer and the clone tool, nothing seems to happen. i

      see the clone tool as i did when removing dust, but when i click the image, nothing changes.


      is the brightness filter not being applied in this context? if i turn off the darkened layer i'd expect to see black showing

      through where i tried to clone the darkened layer through to the main layer. i don't. the image appears unchanged as if no

      cloning occurred at all where the spots were.


      what have i overlooked here? should i be choosing another composite mode like screen or multiply rather than normal? for

      which layer? is there a better way to do this? if so, a walkthrough or tutorial link would be much appreciated.