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    Markers autoplay on click


      Is the feature missing? It's kind of essential to me. As well as being able to open my old sessions …

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi, Mr. Quistgard!  Long time, no see!


          The Auto-play toggle for marker selection has not been implemented in this release.  It's possibly to emulate some of the behavior, with range markers, by dragging the markers to the Playlist panel and using the play toggle next to each item.

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            Daoud137 Level 1

            Got older, got a job – I’m buying my software now! 

            Thanks for the quick answer! I played around with the playlist thing, trying to find a workaround and totally didn’t see those toggles. Exactly what I was looking for!

            There’s another thing I’m missing from earlier versions of audition: I used to be able to just click anywhere in a file while playback was running, hit space and it would seamlessly play from where i just clicked. Now I have to stop the playback to do this. I hope this is just in the beta and wont be the behaviour of the final version. I Guess you know how important it is for sample based producers to be able to navigate fastly through audiofiles.

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              You can still jump around during playback by clicking in the ruler to relocate the playhead, but I understand what you mean.  Audition 4 will probably be seen as a transition release for many who are used to Audition 3 and earlier.  I hope that those users who rely upon features that did not yet get ported or implemented in Audition 4 will consider us in the future.  I really believe this re-write and move to Mac is good for the application overall and will make for a much better audio platform as it moves forward.


              I'll add a couple feature requests, or update them if they're already in there, about moving playback when clicking markers and a preference to enable moving playback when clicking in the waveform. 

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                The first release of Audition 4 seems like it's more of a win for Mac owners. Although, I understand it had to happen this way. Re-writing from the ground up allows for you guys to not only match Audition 3, but it'll allow you guys to top it significantly in many ways. But until then, PC/Windows users probably will have a hard time being convinced to let go of Audition 3 (which is nearly perfect outside of Midi, even though I would never use that feature).


                You probably couldn't tell me. But i'll ask anyways. Why is it so important to release Audition 4 before all of those features could be implemented? The Re-write HAD to happen, even if you guys weren't working on a Mac version. I realize this. But i'm sure Audition 3 users would wait longer until you guys can match it, and possibly pass it without having to release an update later down the road.


                Here's where my nerdy side comes out. Releasing the product as is, with missing features that were found in Audition 3, is like Game Developers releasing games with missing characters, or other missing features or stages, only to release DLC later down the road. The game is incomplete. Yet, they still charge full price.


                I don't want to offend you guys, because I think this could potentially prove to be the best move you guys could have made for Audition. But releasing Audition 4 with missing features, only to add them later is kind of not going to work for current Audition 3 users.


                If you could hold off on release, and get every feature updated and implemented into Audition 4, not only would you make current Audition users happy, but you'd see better sales.


                But what do I know? Maybe none of my points hold much weight.


                Can't wait to get my hands on the Final release.


                ps: I realize the open Beta makes more sense for Mac users. But remember, Windows/PC users have to become familiar with the changes, as well.


                Sorry about hijacking the thread. I read your last response, and it made sense to respond with this in this thread. Otherwise, I would have just created my own thread.

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  As much as I like to think otherwise, Audition isn't the flagship product over at Adobe HQ, so its release and promotional schedules are dictated by corporate needs.  With that in mind, we set out to create the best tool possible within that timeframe.  Audition 3 has worked well for users for over 3 years and while we might have been able to tuck away and skip this release in favor of reaching parity with Audition 3, we wanted to get what is a very useable and productive application for many users even without 1:1 feature parity.  I know that the team has always understood that this release would not satisfy every Audition user out there - a group that covers a LOT of different fields - but the hope was that those who did find it valuable could use it now, while those who required the more advanced or specialized featureset and would have been willing to wait longer, will continue using Audition 3 until we reach and surpass the features offered in Audition 3.  It's also important to let people know that Audition is still being actively developed, as the long span between releases is always fodder for rumors about it's demise.


                  Let me pose this question:  What if we released this public beta now, but said no one could buy it for another year until it reached parity.  (Note: "another year" is an example and is by no means binding or meant to imply any development schedule )  It might satisfy those who would wait until parity was reached, but there would be a very large number of users for whom this release was more than sufficient.  Perhaps Soundbooth users who had grown out of the simple, task-based tools there and wanted to expand, or voiceover folks who just wanted to move their recording software over to their new Mac? 


                  As I mentioned, Audition has historically been used by radio and television production, game sound designers, recording musicians, electronic and mashup musicians, podcasters, researchers, voiceover and audiobook producers, sonic artists, ghost hunters, audio restoration facilities, mastering engineers, and even my mom for her PowerPoint presentations.  If I left any of the rest of you out, I apologize.  The point being that each of these segments use different parts of the application and in different ways, and when prioritizing what tools and effects to analyze, port, update and improve, implement, and test, we often had to consider the biggest bang for the buck.  In many cases, we asked many of our corporate customers, smaller production houses, and our pre-release team for their input.  They all proved invaluable to helping rank these features and pushed for a lot of tools that might otherwise have been deferred for this release. 


                  Overall, I believe this release now is the right thing to do, and I hope that for those who try the public beta or the 30-day trial of the final release and find it lacking too many of the tools they've grown to trust over the years, will extend that trust forward and be willing to keep checking us out.  Much of the Audition team are the same engineers who came over from Syntrillium and Cool Edit and the more recent folks are almost all audioheads in one form or another and are passionate about what they do. 

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                    AftersixSeven Level 1

                    Thanks for the lengthy response! I'm not doubting the future of Audition. In fact, I've tried a bunch of DAW's, and still prefer the sound and mixes I get from Audition. Crazy, I know. People actually use it as their primary DAW for recording and mixing. But on top of that, they get probably the best set of audio editing tools available.


                    I was holding back on saying anything, because I know it's not what you guys want to hear. I'm very excited about this release. But it had to be said. I want to see you guys succeed with this new version, and that's why getting every feature implemented was important to me (other than my own selfish reasons for wanting a new version that'll match and surpass what's been out for 3 years now).


                    I guess my biggest 'fear', I guess you can call it that, was that these missing features wouldn't be implemented till Audition 5. But I know that's silly thinking on my behalf. As long as it doesn't take many ''updates'' to match or pass Audition 3, there shouldn't be much of an issue. Especially with long time Audition users.


                    And i'm glad you realize a whole year for major updates (new features) is insane lol.


                    Thank you (again) for the lengthy, and honest response.