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    writing mathematical formulae in the comments

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      I am trying to explain to a bunch of young students, the mathematics in a paper written by Dr Steven Jones in the journal of 911 studies - its a free pdf of excellent quality peer reviewed journal. There are many papers but this is an enjoyable example.


                      http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/200609/WhyIndeedDidtheWorldTradeCenterBuildingsC ompletelyCollapse.pdf


      The hard part is that


      I have to add comments that must involve explaining the equation derivation steps.


      These are best added using mathematical equations that are properly typeset.


      How do I write a code in javascript or any other language eg TeX or LateX to include math fonts in the annotation boxes ?


      For example, a site like wikipedia is able to display equations inside mozilla firefox based on some kind of component.


      Is there a similar capability in pdf viewer considering that it is really an extension to xdvi or ghostview ?


      Dying Vets