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    Rending only works first time


      I have been working on a project of mostly photos and a few videos mixed in with audio.  Using PSE 8.0 with a AMD 64X2 4200 processor 2.2Ghz and 2 GB of memory.  Rendering the timeline is a little slow, but not too bad, if I keep the work limits small enough.  I have Background rendering off.  The problem I have is that I can render the timeline just fine the first time I open the program, but when I make any modifications and try to render it the second time, it only picks up a portion of the changes that were made.  For example, I open the project, render it, and then add two photos, and it will only pick up one of the two photos the second time around. Or if I add some transitions between photos, it won't do them or will only do some of them.  If I save the changes and restart the program, it works fine.  Anyone ever heard of this?  I can't keep exiting and reopening the program every time I need to render the timeline...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This sounds like a WAB (Work Area Bar) problem. Check the WAB, and make sure that it includes the entire Timeline. This is a look at the WAB in PrE 4:



          To make sure that you have included the entire Timeline, hit the \ (Backslash key) to zoom out the Timeline, and then Click the little square in the middle of the WAB to extend it to the max.


          Good luck



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            elrod2727 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.  I don't think that's the problem, but I'll fiddle with it.  I have the WAB completly beyond the area that I'm working on, and it will skip over certain segments, or not render a transition that is between two rendered photos.  For example when I added the two photos before, it rendered the last one, but not the second to last one...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Try placing the WAB over just the area, that needs to be Rendered.


              IIRC, Steve Grisetti reported that there is an issue with PrE 9, and re-Rendering the Timeline, but I do not recall all of the details of that, or maybe that was the resetting of the WAB. Though it was not THAT long ago, I hate when my memory fails like this.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                There is a memory issue that can sometimes choke rendering.


                The two most important things are:


                1) Make sure your photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size.


                2) Make sure your C drive is regularly defragmented so that the program can use space in contiguous chunks. (You also need to have a good 30 gig+ space on your C drive, but you seem to have ample space. It just may be fragmented or full of .tmp files.)

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                  elrod2727 Level 1

                  Thanks guys. The photo files I am using are very big.  I'll pare them back and see if that helps.

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                    I have a similar issue where I can render the project completely, save the project and then close out. Then next time I open the project I will have spots in the project that are not rendered? I have also tried to out-smart the application by rendering, saving, rendering again, which will just play the project from the beginning at this point which would seem to indicate the project is fully rendered. I save the project, quit, and again when I open it up, there will be at least on section of the project that needs rendering? I do have the Play work area afterrendering previews unchecked, if that makes any difference. It will only play the work area if it did not have anything to render, otherwise this switch seems to work the way I would expect, it does not play the WA after rendering, when it has rendered something. Very odd.


                    This is in PE9 running on Windows 7 with 6Gb of memory, plenty of free disk space... The project is primarily jpg images 800x600 or 1024 x 768 @200dpi, and a few short pieces of video.