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    CS5 freezes on startup (Windows 7)


      I'm considering making the jump from Vegas Pro 8 to Premiere. Downloaded the 30-day Trial for PPro CS5; it installs fine, but freezes on startup.

      I've read everything I can find on this, tried all the ideas I've come across, but still no go; so I'm looking for more ideas!

      On launch, PPro displays the splash screen, whizzes through all the plugin loading, draws the main UI background, draws the main menubar text... then freezes up. It never crashes, just stops drawing and stops responding to Windows. Same results from both 5.0 and 5.0.2.


      • Asus Sabretooth x58 motherboard
      • Core i7 960 CPU (quad-core @ 3.2GHz)
      • 12GB RAM
      • Dual-SSD main drive (RAID-0 on SATA-6Gb/s)
      • GeForce 9800GTX video card
      • Onboard Realtek HD Audio




      • Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (with all system software updates)
      • Nvidia drivers 260.99 (latest, 10/16/2010)


      OS was installed about a month ago, so it's pretty clean.



      • Ran DXDIAG - No errors found.
      • Deleted PPro Prefs
      • Checked PPro logs - no errors found
      • Installed latest Nvidia drivers
      • Removed Nvidia drivers (back to Win 7 default drivers)
      • Ran as admin
      • Removed fonts
      • No Quicktime Installed
      • Installed Quicktime (7.6.8)
      • Disabled second monitor
      • Disabled antivirus/firewall (Symantec Endpoint Protection)
      • Installed Combined Community Codec Pack
      • Removed CCCP
      • Removed virtual DVD software (Virtual CloneDrive)
      • Removed DVD burning software (ImgBurn)




      What else am I missing? It's probably something obvious and dumb and I'm just looking around it. Any other info that would help? I could post my DXDIAG results, but I didn't see anything relevant in there.


      Thanks a ton for any help!