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    Optimized file saves *much* bigger than Fireworks says it will

    Budo Cat Level 1

      So, I scanned a couple of sheets of paper with handwriting on them. Positioned themin a Fireworks file, compressed them and dropped opacity way down. As a PNG 8 with four colors, Fireworks tells me the image is 17.13 k and will take 2 seconds at 56k download speed.


      So I save it, then check the file and find that my 17k file is actually 696k. What am I doing wrong?


      I have tried saving this several times, but every time I save the file, it is enormous. (The first time I saved this image, Fireworks said it was about 20K in size, but the file measured as 1.4 MB!)


      I've ahd this trouble with other images, but never on this size. A Jpeg photo that Fireworks says is 20 K actually saves in the high 20s, for example. So I know Fireworks isn't exact.


      But exactitude aside, I simply cannot reduce this file to a usable size. I don't know how else to edit the image to a smaller size.