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    Projector files questions

    mentlity Level 1

      I recently had a Flash projector file I had to add narration to as well as clean up some timing issues. This project was the first projector project I had worked on so I dove into it poking around to see how it functions. I notice that within the file folder there is a separate player.fla file which seems to be using an fscommand to load into the presentation .fla. I do not see a loadmovie or any other script for it (it's in AS2)


      I wanted to see how the play, stop and pause btns for the player worked as it calls the background music.mp3 file by xml along with separate flash players that play small flv's within the presentation. Those I can create with Slideshow pro but I want to know how I can create a Flash presentation either .exe or .app that has a player which will allow the user to stop and start the presentation.


      Any help?