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    HELP Poor projector performance on 32" display




      Hi Guys, first post so please bare with me........I really need your help on a project I'm doing for work. I have searched the posts but haven't been able to fix my issue. (I'm using Flash CS5 and AS3.)



      I've recently been given Flash + the job of creating flash presentations for flat-screen displays around the building. The movie only needs to be played on click every now and again so it isn't running 24/7 or anything.



      So far I've managed to create a simple vector-based movie (a couple of minutes long) and created a projector, which runs perfectly on my computer.........NOW THE PROBLEM.



      I eventually need the exe. to run on the following computer/screen we've already bought for the job:












      At the moment the movie runs significantly slower on this pc, with the frame-rate struggling, especially with some movie clip zooms and alpha fades.


      Have you guys got any ideas what I can do to increase playback performance? Have I made any newbie mistakes? How would you maximise frame-rate performance fullscreen without losing too much quality? I've created the movie to the resolution of the screen (1366 x 768). Was this the right thing to do or should I create it smaller then blow it up?



      The movie plays fine if I exit fullscreen and reduce the window to about half size. Being new to Flash, I'm afraid I don't really understand why this is the case? The processer is running high but isn't at max, and with 2GB memory I thought it would be able to cope.



      I've tried lowering the frame-rate from 24 to 20, turning off hardware acceleration on the projector, chopping the movie into smaller swf's to play arfter each other. Nothing seems to be making much difference with those zooms at fullscreen. I've also read that preloaders don't do much for projectors so I can't use that. Is it better to embed text with the swf or have it separate?



      I really would like to avoid this but, Is the only solution to re-do the movie with less zooms etc?



      As you can see I haven't got much scripting other than frame 1 and play movie clip commands (not shown), would creating the zooms in AS3 improve the performance? Incidentally, I don't know how to do this but I've seen it mentioned.






      PlayButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_3);


      function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame_3(event:MouseEvent):void









      Seriously any help would be appreciated, at least to get the boss of my back! I'd post the file but he doesn't want the content online I'm afraid.



      Thanks again