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    SendToPrinter delays when processing multiple prints with Watermark

    tgsoft Level 1

      Hi LC friends,


      We are running a JBoss turnkey LC ES2 SLB (Server Load Balancing) setup. We have a process where we merge .xml data and .xdp form-design to a pdf.

      The pdf with Watermark is achieved and printed once or twice. When we loop and print the 2 times - the first print is quickly BUT with the second print takes 17 seconds to process.


      This is the flow of the print routine

      *) PDF with watermark produced with invokeDDX
      1) convert PDF to postScript  (Service: LC Output > Convert to PS)     about 500 ms to process

      2) sendToPrinter     (prints first copy)     about 100 ms to process

      3) setValue     (add one to count and loops back to SendToPrinter)

      4) sendToPrinter     (Delays - then prints second copy)     about 17 SECONDS to process


      I have tried to print pdf without watermark. In this case the SendToPrinter only delays in 1400 ms. Can anyone tell me why LC SendToPrinter is waiting??.

      I would expect it just print by coping to printer, and therefore have no delay. Any ideas??


      A java custom component might be a more effective way, but would expect Adobe LiveCycle to handle this out-of-the-box!


      Help is very much appreciated



      Thomas Groenbaek