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    Help optimising my system




      I have recently upgraded a fairly decent machine to CS5.  The specs of the machine can be viewed here:




      But essentially an MSI motherboard, 6GB of Ram, i7 processor etc.


      I'm a little dissappointed with two aspects:


      1. The performance of CUDA with my recently acquired GTX470 (to replace my ATI HD 4870) - I have checked that the hardware accelleration is on, and also understand that only some effects are CUDA enabled.  Everthing plays back in 'real time', but there's a yellow bar over the clips that have CUDA enabled effects applied to them, and the video appears to be somewhat 'draft' in quality until the sequence is rendered.  Scrubbing the timeline and trimming clips is also somewhat sluggish when compared to clips without effects applied.



      2. The ESATA raid performance (two drives in an external enclosure set up as Raid0).


      I’m getting an average figure of only 85mb/s


      Are these figures normal/acceptable?  I get 110mb/s even from my single on board SSD 'C' drive.


      The ESATA is plugged directly into an ESATA port which is one of 4 ports on a PCI SATA card that I’ve fitted.  Is this the best/only way of hooking up ESATA? 


      The stuff I'm editing ranges from EX3 source files, to standard DVD and HDV (which is ingested via a Matrox MX02 and captured in their MPEG 2-1 codec).


      Now my first inclination is to upgrade the Ram.  The motherboard has 4 slots, and presently 3 of these are populated with 2GB each (so 6GB in total).  Am I OK, to remove one of these, and populate the 2 empty slots which will give me 12GB in total?


      What I'm essentially looking for is confirmation that there's nothing fundamentally 'wrong' or lacking in my set up that is causing this sluggishness.


      Thanks in advance.


      Adam Read



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          At this moment the link you gave times out, so I can't see your specs, but there are some issues that may affect your setup.


          Since you have only 4 memory slots, this means you have a P55 mobo and at best an i7-860, but possibly less. And you do your ingest with Matrox and use their codec.


          To improve performance, ingest in the normal way by importing the BPAV directory into a standard non-Matrox project. Add 2 x 4 GB memory for 12 GB total and add some internal disks. The PCI-SATA card may be your bottleneck for you eRaid performance, but the drawback of your mobo is the lack of PCIe lanes. Matrox often causes problems and is best forgotten, IMO.


          BTW, this should have been posted in the Hardware forum, where it belongs. Do not be surprised if a mod moves it to the proper location.

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            AdamJRead Level 1

            Thanks Harm


            I've downloaded and have run the PPBM tests.


            However, when opening the VBS file I get a 'file not found' error - Line 60 char 1 (have restarted the machine).


            Any idea why this would be?





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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              It is a very limited script and very sensitive to even the tiniest of errors. I suggest you print out the ReadMe file and follow the instructions to the letter. Having run this script maybe thousands of times we have not found errors, unless the instructions were not followed to the letter. There is a warning about a corrupted download that caused incredible results on the Instructions page, but for the rest we have not encountered any bugs or problems. A corrupt download is not a bug, really?

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                AdamJRead Level 1

                Thanks Harm - It turned out to be a 'read only' thing on the drive directory I chose.  Problem solved etc.


                Now I have my two files to send, but the email is getting bounced back (see detail below).  Do you know why this might be?


                Many Thanks







                    SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM:<adam.read@intermedia-comms.com> SIZE=11831:

                    host frf-mailrelay.att.net []: 521- blocked by sbc:blacklist.mailrelay.att.net.

                    521 DNSRBL: Blocked for abuse. See http://att.net/blocks

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Send them to me by PM. Looks like Bill has some work to do to get from a black list or perform some other actions with some ISP's. If you can include your mail bouncing message as well, I can initiate corrective actions.


                  Thanks for your trouble.

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                    AdamJRead Level 1

                    Thanks Harm


                    I have sent you a PM, although I'm not sure I have your correct email address (had to google it).


                    If you haven't received the email, could you please drop me a line: adam.read@intermedia-comms.com






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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      I got it thanks to your diligent work. And sent you a question. For a PM (Private Mail) you can just click on the persons avatar in the left column, which will show that persons profile and allows for the sending of a private message.

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        I am receiving PPBM mail fine, I just got one this morning.  I suspect that Adam's ISP is being blocked by my incoming AT&T service.


                        Adam, just a word of advice, never post email addresses in public forums!


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