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    Flash builder and Flash

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      Hello everyone,


      I am attempting to start a new flash project and want to use FB to do my coding and debugging.  I followed the directions located here to set up my flash project so i can use FB.  I have a few questions as this process is new to me.


      1. When I set a breakpoint and click debug, FB does not ask me to switch to the Flash Debug perspective. How do I set that up?
      2. When I change a setting in my fla file, like background color for example, it does not seem to update to swf when I hit debug, how do I tell FB that I want to see the changes in my fla in the debug swf/web browser?



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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

          1. The perspective switch may occur at a later stage, when the breakpoint actually hits.


          2. When you change something in the FLA, I don't think Builder is aware of it automatically (I haven't tried this though). Try doing a Project -> Clean to see if the SWF in bin-debug got regenerated.