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    streaming reconnect problem

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      I just migrated from osmf 1.1 to 1.5 and found out, that idle reconnection while video is paused is running very well, but when one plays the movie until the end (complete) and then leaves player idle for about 30 minutes, the player is not able to start again. Is that problem also suppost to be covered by reconnection or is there another solution?


      Before migration is used a script to reinit mediaplayer params and load the stream again, which is a ugly solution I think.


      Another question:

      Is it possible to seek und unequal frames now? We are using FMS 3.5 and mostly we are only able to get to unequal frames(for example: 3, 15, 17..) when using step() on netstream object. When using seek and also with smartseek enabled, we were not able to achieve this goal.


      Tanks a lot,



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          Hi Chris,


          No, the stream reconnect feature in OSMF will not handle that. In fact, most FMS configs are going to time out and close the connection after 10 or 15 mins. anyway. So you'll need to start play over again, but you can listen for TimeEvent.COMPLETE on MediaPlayer to determine that the stream has completed.


          On your last question, maybe Wei can chime in, I thought he worked on the smart seeking feature, but I could be wrong.



          - charles

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            dodge1603 Level 1

            Thank you for your replay.


            It's sad to hear that this problem has still not been covered, because that was a feature I was switching to 1.5 for. So I have to use my old workaround script again. Maybe osmf team can add a keepAlive parameter in the future? I was using the connection close event to get notified when to reinit the mediaplayer. In my opinion you could use the same logic which was used to keep the paused stream connected.


            In the osmf 1.5 codebase there is no "inBufferSeek = true". I implemented that by myself in 1.1 und stepping was running very well, including smartseek. Mostly when using smartseek the player was not able to jump to unequal frames. To target these, one had to use the step()-function. But seek + step cause a lot of problems. Maybe osmf team can implement this fms smpt feature in the future so one can use osmf for advanced videoplayers.


            Thank you,