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    "Project too large" publishing error


      I've read a few helpful things about optimizing files for FlashCatalyst, but I'm hoping to get a little feedback on how large I can really go with the filesize. I am working off of an illustrator file, which is 10mb, and the saved catalyst file is 8mb. That doesn't seem very large to me, as I've exported flash SWFs from InDesign that are much much larger - - but maybe this sounds crazy huge to a developer.


      Basically, I set up a mapping application which pans around and zooms in  areas of an aerial photo, and has buttons which turn on layers of  information (in the form of vectors and .png's), so all of the shapes  (rivers, boundaries, etc) are very irregular, jagged, etc. The other  issue, becuase the app zooms in on areas, rasterized images need to be  fairly high res.

      Also some quick optimization questions:


      - is importing text better than importing expanded paths from text? (I was trying to avoid having to embed the font)

      - is an optimized (very irregular and detailed) shape path better than rasterizing it?


      another very important question: Is there a way to optmize or rasterize graphics while preserving move/resize/interaction information? I built a very complex set of interactions (lots of workarounds), so I want to try and preserve them.


      The app runs just fine in my browser when I hit command+enter, so I don't really get why it would hold up when trying to export. It works AMAZING and is extremely beautiful. Flash Catalyst is really blowing my mind, although is hanging up at the last moment!


      any help is much appreciated.


      Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 1.09.05 PM.png

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          zacharyaders Level 1

          Ok, I traced the problem back to a single image that is 7.7mb (the background aerial photo, which was brought in from Illustrator, and is 2180x2356 pixels. I tried compressing the image in photoshop and re-importing it, but I'm getting an error that states "Unable to import files with content larger than 2048x2048 pixels"  - -  so I was able to export after converting that file to a linked image, although when I opened the html file in firefox, the image was missing (but its in the exported folder).