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    desperately need your help: new NetStream(...) freezes ...


      I've been struggling with the following bad situation for a week:


      Two peers A and B are both active and maintains their own stratus connection.


      (1) B creates a publishing stream via


      sendStream = new NetStream(stratusConn, NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS).



      (2) A opens a subscribing stream to B via: recvStream = new NetStream(stratusConnection, B);


      (3) B's sendStream.client.onPeerConnect() function accepts the connection by returning true.


      (4) For some reason, A simply freezes.  (B is doing video decoding/rendering and also fetching data from a video server).


      (5) Shortly after, B sees a NetStream.Connect.Closed event from A.


      (6) A freezes forever and never returns from the call: recvStream = new NetStream(stratusConnection, B);


      Presumably, in step (3) when B accepts the connection, presumably some message will be sent back to A.  Maybe for some reason A never receives this message.  This is OK if A's new NetStream() call simply fails with an error event.  But it never returns and freezes for ever.


      Q: Is there anyway to make A's new NetStream(...) call return without freezing?  I've tried to call event.info.stream.close() in step (5) but still it does not help.


      FYI, I'm running Firefox on Ubuntu.


      -- Yin