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    populate text field on a form that has Signature field question

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      I have a simple form that has some text fields, plus a couple of Signature fields.

      It is to be invoked from the out-of-the-box standard WorkSpace ES.

      The process/workflow is also simple, it has the Initiator, an Approver (User task).

      LiveCycle version is 9.5 (ES2.5).


      What I want the app to do is this:

      1) Initiator fills up some text fields on the form,

           Initiator signs one Signature field,

           Initiator submits the form

      2) The Process extracts the data from those text fields that the Initiator has filled,

            use those field data to make a simple Query of a database table,

            put the result of the Query (a text string) into another text field on the form.

            (merge a text string with the rest of the form that already has a Signature)

      3) then it goes to the Approver User task with all the field data and Signature intact.

      4) Approver signs the other Signature field and submits.


      I can do most of these except (2),

      I can't find a way to merge the Query result (a string) with the already Signed form.

      I can merge it with a form that doesn't have the Signature.


      Can someone tell me how to do this please?


      thanks in advance.