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    CatalystPublishCert.p12 - What is this used for?


      Hi, I had a general question regarding Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 that comes installed with Adobe Design Premium CS5.  If you navigate to:

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5\plugins\com.adobe.thermo_1.0.0.273393


      You'll find the file CatalystPublishCert.p12.  Anyone know what this cert file used for?  I noticed that if you remove this file, you cannot build AIR applications from Flash Catalyst.  Are there any other uses for this file?





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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          That's correct, this file is used when publishing your project as an AIR application.  However, we strongly advise you to not delete internal files within the Flash Catalyst install folder.  Doing so can cause many problems.  Is there a reason you tried deleting this file?


          If you want more background on what the file is...  Creating an installable .air file requires signing the file with a digital certificate (similar to how mobile apps require a digital signature).  Catalyst uses a dummy certificate, stored in this file, to let users easily create a .air file for demoing a prototype in a native window outside of the browser.  When creating real software that will be shipped to customers, you'll want to use Flash Builder or the command line to sign an app with your own signature rather than this dummy certificate.


          - Peter

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            Andoy831 Level 1

            Thank you for the response Peter.  I work for a network that views the installation of .p12 cert files on workstations as a "vulnerability" and is a risk to their network.  Their mitigation is to remove any .p12 files that are installed from any piece of software.  If the installed .p12 file is only a dummy cert and our users will not be creating AIR applications, would there be any problems with removing this file?


            Thank you for your assistance,



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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



              We can't guarantee or officially support a configuration where core installed files have been deleted... but I'm pretty certain you won't hit any problems so long as you avoid the Publish to AIR functionality.


              - Peter

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                Tahir Ramzan

                Hi, I had a problem while publishing my Flash Catalyst file.


                I am using FC CS 5, it usually publish SWF/Air, but it is not generating an Air file, Help me with this issue.


                A popup appears that show publishing air file but it stops atonce and I couldn't find any air file at back. FYI, it was working fine a while back.