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    Adobe reader 9.4 not working


      I'm a little upset right now because my Adobe reader 9.4 isn't working, it says there are files missing and I don't know how to correct this. I've tried re-downloading the program which Adobe will not let me do because it sees it as already there. I cannot remove the program from my computer because it says there is a folder missing. I cannot download an older version of Adobe because it says I already have a newer better version. All I want to be able to do is open a PDF file and read it. I've already downloaded Acrobat the free trial version but in 30 days that's going to be gone then what do I do? If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. So far adobes technical support is extremely lacking. I feel like a dog chasing his tail in this situation I go from one screen to another without getting any answers other than I should pay $40 to help figure it out. Sorry if my tone is a little harsh I've been working on this for the last three hours now.