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    Objects in symbols disappearing after closing/reopening project-HELP!!!

    Haley MacKenzie

      I am a college student working in flash CS5 and am in the middle of an animation project where i am creating a walking human figure using armatures.


      I began the project on the school computers, everything working fine. saved project to several places, including flash drive and computer's thaw space


      brought project home to continue working on my macbook. opened project and figures animated arms and legs (which were perfect on school comp) are completely missing. The symbol names are still in the library, but the objects themselves look like they've been deleted. they are nowhere to be found.


      This has happened every single time I close flash and reopen it, whether on the same or a different computer.


      I have had to recreate the whole project from scratch 4 times now because of this.


      I came in early to class to work on the project more, and lo and behold, it opened with all the arms and legs (the ones i had redone for the 4th time, from the most recent work session on my laptop). I continued working on the project, all going great, but then another class came in and i had to change computers.


      I saved in multiple places again, flash drive, thawspace, etc. and moved to another computer. Opened project from my flash drive, and the arms and legs are all missing again. i just have a floating head and torso, and the project is due in an hour. There's no way I can recreate all the drawings and armatures and animations from scratch a 5th time in just an hour.


      Here is any additional info that might help:


      both school and home computers are running Flash CS5

      began project on school computer using several flash files:

           1st file was simply to draw the pieces of the figure.

           2nd file i imported pieces from file 1 into library to begin animating in file 2.

           (once the objects were imported into file 2's library, file 1 should not affect them right?)

      I continued to improve and refine and eventually animate body parts in file 2, saving continually.

      As long as project is not closed, everything works perfectly. Once project is closed and reopened (even on same computer) armatured objects disappear.

      Their symbol names (placeholders) still appear in the library, but when you select them and see the overhead preview or enter symbol editing mode, it shows a blank screen.


      organization of files is this, in descending order from outtermost to innermost symbols

      1. mc_model-------------a movie clip of the entire figure, containing all the figures individual animated parts as separate symbols

      2. gs_leg------------------a graphic symbol containing one keyframe extending 40 frames, simply a placeholder for the armatured leg in the nested symbol

      3. gs_legArmature-----another graphic symbol containing the original drawing of the leg, also the leg's armature and animation, lasting 40 frames.


      NOW here's the thing.....when you enter into all of these symbols (mc_model>gs_leg>gslegArmature) and you are on the deepest level of the leg which contains the armature, once the project has been closed and reopened, the ARMATURE IS STILL THERE. The poses are still recorded in the timeline, the armature bones or connections or whatever the name for them is are still there, just the actual leg is gone. Just the drawing of the leg.


      I will try to attach a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about





      <img src="http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/haleymariemackenzie/Picture2.png">


      Hopefully that worked......


      Any help is appreciated. It is too late to save my project, but I want to get to the bottom of this so I can at least avoid it in the future.


      Thank you