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    Splitting Large Video Files

    thisisJules75 Level 1

      I have just finished crafting my sisters wedding video and the  resultant M2T file generated by PE9 is 10GB - and looks great on the computer.  However,the file size has presented a problem, how  on earth do I get it onto a PS3?  For my home PS3, I can transfer  it over wireless.  But my plan to ship it on a USB stick for my sister  to put in her PS3 has come undone thanks to the FAT file size  limitations.


      So apart from reducing the video quality or  buying a bluray burner (neither option attractive), how can I do it?  If I could split it the file up into smaller parts I could create a playlist on the PS3 to join the  parts together but I'm not exactly keen on rendering lots of small parts with PE9.  I guess I'm looking for some 3rd party tool to split the M2t file?


      Any ideas?

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          You could try hjsplit a free utility.

          This will break it up into parts small enough to put on memory sticks or normal DVD disks

          Then she would have to reassemble them with a copy of hjsplit on her computer into one file.

          dont know if this would work on PS3 or not


          Alternately copy the project three times and delete a part of each, leaving one third on each.

          You would then have 3 smaller projects that should fit on a normal DVD.

          This will also play in most Blue ray players just like a Blue ray disk (does on my Pioneer).

          Set each going when you go to bed and it will only take you 3 nights!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The splitting will certainly work, with a bit of effort and downloading two copies (one for you and one for her) of the free utility - great utility, BTW.


            You could also pick up an external with USB connections, Convert it to NTSF, and then the file size limitation goes away. Now, whether a PS3 will read NTSF is beyond my knowledge. Also, I do not know if a memory stick can be Converted. Just in case, this ARTICLE will give you tips.


            Were it me, I'd opt for the BD burner route, but even with the prices falling, I understand why one might not run that out instantly.


            Good luck,