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    Output of WMV File - Audio Problem


      I'm new to Premiere Elements (v 9), but have produced a pretty good first DVD.  I also wanted to output it as a wmv file.  It took forever to render, but the output had audio problems.  A single audio track was fine, but if I had narration over a soundtrack, the soundtrack was not included.  If it was just a soundtrack or a single audio track on a clip, the audio was fine.  I had no clip with narration or soundtrack over an audio track from video, and my narration and soundtracks were all over still image clips, but I have a feeling this isn't an issue.  My guess is the render to wmv just took one audio track with the priority being Audio 1, 2, etc., Narration and finally Soundtrack.  Was there something I needed to specify to get more than 1 audio or is there a problem in v. 9?  Thanks