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    How to pass in QUERYSTRING to Debugger?


      Does anyone know how to pass QUERYSTRING args to the

      CF Builder Debugger?


      Ex: http://localhost:8500/project1/myscript.cfm?arg1=value

              I need to pass in arg1=value to my debugging session.


      Under Debug Configurations/ColdFusion Application,

      there isn't a place to specify a QUERYSTRING to pass in.




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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't need to browse templates within CFBuilder in order to debug a page: the debugger (once enabled) can debug any request (by anyone) run against the server being debugged. So you can edit your query string as desired in whatever browser you prefer to use to run CF page requests.


          Does that help?



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            myscreenname0345 Level 1

            Thanks Charlie.


            I need to debug my page within CFBuilder so I can

            step through my code, line by line.


            I just need to be able to pass in an arg.




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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're not hearing me. I do realize you want to debug the page within CFBuilder. But I'm telling you: you do NOT have to run the page WITHIN CF Builder to debug it.


              I understand potential confusion. I hear it all the time. Let me try again. (Don't worry: I'm not confusing the kind of step debugging you want to do with CF's traditional debugging output.)


              Once you enable debugging within CFBuilder, then any request to any page that has breakpoints enabled, from any browser (including one not on your own computer) will be intercepted by the debugger. This is a point that many are not aware of (not just that you can browse pages from outside of builder to debug them, but that in fact it will intercept any request from anyone against the server being debugged).


              So to answer your question, to pass in the arg, open the page in a browser other than within CFBuilder. I promise you: if you have debugging enabled (that's key, using Run>Debug or clicking the bug icon in CFB), and if you have breakpoints set in a page, and you browse that page from any browser, it should intercept it and allow you to step through.


              There's certainly a lot to understanding, configuring, and using the debugger. I've been a big fan of it for years (back to when it was provided as a plug-in for Eclipse even before CFB came out). I have written extensively on it, most recently in Ben Forta's CF Web App Construction Kit series of books, where I did the chapter on the debugger. Fortunately, it's available online for those who may be interested:




              Hope that helps.


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