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    Interactive pdf - Failed to export then our of memory

    Boble5 Level 1

      I am creating an interactive pdf in indesign cs5.


      I have 480 pages and thousands of hyperlinks within the document which jump to various other pages in the entire file (index).


      When exporting the pdf i get an error "failed to export" i hit ok, then it says "out of memory"


      Computer is

      Intel Xeon CPU W3503 Dual core 2.4Ghz

      4GB of RAM


      Am i doing too much? Does anyone have any tips to allow this to export. If i try and export it in halves, each half works ok. But when i combine it in acrobat some hyperlinks go missing.

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          stephaniewurm Level 1

          i got a similar problem:


          706 page document

          about 10-30 buttons/links on each page

          exports up to page 405 then gives error message: "Failed to export pdf" (or similar) then stops exporting.


          computer has 14GB of RAM and latest MAC OS X

          may it be simply too much for indesign cs5?

          (achieved to export correctly a (far less) complex document with 350 pages in cs4 - no problems ocurred)