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    Compiled Javascript

    pkrk Level 1

      1.    I recently exported a .jsx file as binary as a test to see if I could run a compiled version of my script. (Indesign CS5). I have found documentation that states that Indesign CS5 doesn't support running these compiled javascript files but it seems to be working correctly. Am I living dangerously by using the compiled version of the script?

      It actually also ran for indesign cs4(really surprised) but did not work in CS3.

      Again after looking at  a handful of PDF's from Adobe, it seems as if it shouldn't be working.



      2. I know this might be a stupid question but since a compiled javascript is a new concept to me I figured I'd ask while I had your attention, is it the same as any compiled code in that there is no way to retrieve the original code from the compiled version?


      Thank you

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          Harbs. Level 6

          For a jsxbin to work in CS3, you need to compile it in ESTK 2 (The CS3 version).


          Assuming you don't use any features of ExtendScript that are not supported in CS3 (like some parts of E4X), jsxbin files created for CS3 will work in CS3/4/5.


          CS4 and CS5 jsxbin files are interchangeable.


          Re. #2: It's saved in Binary form which is enough to stop the casual hacker...