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    What's the best intermediate file format?

    SFL46 Level 3

      I use CS5 Premiere Pro for my projects to gain the benefit of the increased speed.  However, I have been forced to use CS4 for clips that have BorisFx and Boris Grafitti effects applied since Boris has not ported these plugins to 64 bit yet.  I have several animated effects that I've built over time and want to continue to use them, rather than re-inventing the wheel in AE or some other tool.


      I build a new sequence in CS4, add the media clips, and place the needed effects on the clips.  This material is 1440x1080 HDV video and similarly sized photoshop stills.  I export using AME and then reimport the exported clip into CS5.  None the material contains rapidly moving subjects.


      Up to now, I have been exporting these sequences using the uncompressed Microsoft AVI preset (V210? codec).  But, it occurs to me that perhaps this isn't the best preset to use for these intermediates.  Does anyone have an alternative suggestion?  I've assumed that an uncompressed format would be best to avoid generational loss from repeated compression.