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    Mess-up of Robohelp Page Structure: Please Help

    Indrani Chatterjee

      I am presently using Robohelp Version 8.


      My entire setup has been messed. Any of the items such as Project Manager, Single Source Layout, Project Set up, The Main Page where to write, are not appearing. They seem to have been closed down by some mistaken step. Thus, when I am opening a Robohelp document, the page appears blank.


      How do I get the original page setup, where there will be Project Manager at the left hand side, Topic Names in the Middle and Design and HTML Page (Where I can write) in the middle? There is nobody in my office who knows Robohelp. So I need help badly.


      I have installed Robohelp Version 8 and it is not a free version.The previous documents are also appearing blank. I am really helpless....