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    why recursive advertisment is possible?


      I have disabled flash player in my browser because a web page has a recursive ad.

      When I go on it start "onmouseover" strart ad, without to click and it is impossible to stop.

      I cannot hear the ad every time I pass the mouse over inadvertently.

      Why it is possible to make things like this?


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A rollover is a common event, it happens all of the time when you are on the web, whether it involves Flash content or something else.  A rollover can be used to trigger functionality... it is possible with just about any form of web-based media, not just Flash.  Anytime you rollover a button in a plain html page, that could have already triggered something to happen.


          If something you encounter on the web bothers you, the designer is responsible, not the media.

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            davide59 Level 1

            Hi Ned,

            Ok, I understand.

            I think who has made that ad is a typical Italian idiot!

            It is the first time I find this fastidious thing in Internet, and it is in an important web site.

            Thank you for your clear answer.