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    scaling of track does not work


      Hello experts,


      I'm relativly new to flash and tried to design a page with Flash Catalyst (Panini). It's a resizable layout with a height of about 600px and the width of the page should scale to the browser's window size.

      On my page I've a horizontal track and a thumb with them you can scoll a bitmap image.


      My problem is, that I have no chance to edit the track so that it scales to the window size. I tried to edit the mxml of the track with flash builder and added a width="100%" but it didn't work.

      Do you have any idea how to do this?


      Thx in advance!


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          jonasebersold Level 1

          you can find a example here: http://www.nikoleramsay.com/


          as you can see, the track scales with the browser window. Is it possible to create this effect with Flash Catalyst and Builder?



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            Hi jonasebersold,

            Panini has support for resizable applications.

            When you create your project (or import your design file from the creative suite) you have the option to turn on resizability...



            To get the effect you want from that site, select the site title text, images and the "entry buttons" and convert them to a Custom Component (Modify>Convert Artwork to Component>Custom Component.)


            In Panini, on the edges of objects/images/text/components you'll see some round widgets...


            You can click on them to anchor items which (depending on your choices) will control whether items scale or move when your app resizes.

            If you control/context click you can choose Center as an option. That is what you want for your Custom Component in this case...


            Then, for your background rectangle, you want it to scale horizontally (so you'll fix its left and right sides) and remain centered vertically so you'll choose "Center" for the top and bottom...


            Check out the documentation for new features in Panini for other info about what's available in the build.


            Ian Giblin

            Flash Catalyst Team

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              jonasebersold Level 1

              Heys guys,


              I've a deeper question on that.

              First, the solution of Ian worked fine for most parts of the site.

              But I've developed a gallery within flash pro, that resize automatically if the height or width of the browser window changes.

              This gallery is embedded as a swf file into my site.


              Now I've the problem, that every time I resizes my browser window does not scale, I've tested with different settings (like described by Ian). In some cases the SWF zooms or do nothing.


              It seems to me, that Catalyst change the size in a way, that my swf has no chance to recognize the new size of the stage.

              If I test only with my gallery swf (not embedded in my Catalyst site) the scaling works fine...


              Can anybody help me or has anyone a idea??