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    After Effects Freezes on Rendering, NEED HELP


      Hey everyone. So I'm on the verge of tears because After Effects CS5 is having a huge lag in rendering. I recently installed the whole CS5 Master Collection, and I found there was a slight lag in opening it, updating the preferences, and even closing out of the program. But didn't think anything of it. Often times I've gotten hung up on the beach ball of death.


      I went for the first time to render things, which an identical comp in AE CS4 rendered out lightening fast, but in CS5 the same comp took about 5 minutes of sitting on the beach ball before it even started rendering and then another 5 minutes of more beach ball fun to finally finish. I'm on a Mac and my system stats are as follows:


      Processor: 2x3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon


      Memory: 18 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM


      OSX 10.5.8


      After Effects CS5


      I thought it was some type of DivX issue, and deleted anything relating to that, but it didn't help. Whatever help anybody could provide as to the culprit would be appreciative. It's got me pretty freaked out...