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    External Skin creation


      Hi there,



      I'm trying to develop an application that anyone else can skin as they want(at


      least someone knowing about skinning with Flex 4).


      So in Flash Builder i've built a project with all views that extends


      SkinnableContainer (plus SkinPart to be sure that i've got all i need in the





      In fact, i'd like to load skin at run time like that :







      So, how can other person can develop skin for me ?


      I've tried to set a new project with only a css file (compile in swf) and all


      Skins (MXML components) but when i'm trying to compile , of course all the


      HostComponents are unknown ... So i've made a library with my HostComponent (SkinnableContainer) and try to compile my other skin. When i try to load the new skin i've got error about ModuleBase (mx package) . I don't really undestood




      Have you guys some ideas ?



      Thx in advance.