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    Inserting a link to remote topic: list of topics empty

    jelapa2010 Level 1

      I'm trying to insert a link to a remote topic.


      I click Insert Hyperlink, and then in the Hyperlink dialog, I select "Remote Topic" Under "Link to". In the Select Remote Topic dialog, I choose the appropriate HTML Help file.


      When it works, I get a list of topics to choose from. Unfortunately, it doesn't work so often, so usually the list is empty.


      I've tried restarting RoboHelp (didn't help), I've tried deleting the CPD file and then restarting RoboHelp (also didn't help), and I've tried restarting the computer (did help but only for the first link. If I want to add another link, I have to reboot the computer again).

      Any ideas of how to fix this issue?