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    Error in ilog Elixir 1.0

    KapilArora021983 Level 1

      Dear All


      I hav developed Legend using Flex 3.0 where i have used ilog Elixir 1.0.Its work fine when i use Flex 3.0


      But now i am using this Legend in Flex 4.0 where the legend is not working.

      I am getting the following error:


      Argument count mismatch on mx.graphics::SolidColorStroke/apply(). Expected 3, got 1.
      at Component.diMapLegend::TriangleMarker/drawCustomiseMarker()[D:\-- Others --\di Map Legend\Component\diMapLegend\TriangleMarker.as:278]


      I hav tried using ilog Elixir 3.0 but not getting any success.


      Please help



      Kapil Arora