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    Is it possible to remove an old split?

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I wanted to remove a split made earlier in the editing session so I could apply the same effect to two adjoining splits. (It is well past the limit of undo)

      Cant see where to remove one.

      I am zooming and moving slightly and find it near impossible to apply exactly the same correction to 2 adjacent clips without getting a little jump at the split.

      It was originally the one clip that I cut in half.

      Dragging the split line only creats a gap in the video & mucks up the timing.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A split is really just a marker in a clip.


          Right-click on the half of the clip that follows the split and select Clear. (This will remove that segment without moving the positions of any other clip on your timeline.)


          Then drag the end of the first segment of the clip and extend it to fill in the gap. The effect will be the same as if you'd never split the clip!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, for the application of an Effect to multiple Clips (whether created with the Scissors/Razor, etc., or just multiple Clips), one can apply the Effect to one Clip, and adjust it, as required. Then, Rt-click that Clip, choosing Copy. Now, Select all other Clips, where you wish to apply that Effect, and then Rt-click those, choosing Paste Attributes. Done.


            Do be careful, as the Copy/Paste Attributes will add ALL Effects applied to that first Clip.


            Good luck,