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    generate non duplicating random number from a range of values

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      Good day people,


      I need help again. I want to animate an image inside a movieclip with frame label animate1, animate2, animate3 and animate4.

      I did manage to generate random numbers but my concern is that I want my animation will not animate same image twice, below is my code.


      ==== code in main time line ====

      function randRange(min:Number, max:Number):Number {
          // Generate a number between and including min – max
          var randomNum:Number = Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min))+min;
          return randomNum;

      //build array to hold frame label names
      var frameArray:Array = new Array();
          frameArray[0] = "animate1";
          frameArray[1] = "animate2";
          frameArray[2] = "animate3";
          frameArray[3] = "animate4";
      // Get random number created
      var n:Number = randRange(0, frameArray.length);

      trace("n: " + n);

      // gotoAndStop Frame label name    

      trace("frameArray: " + frameArray[n])


      ==== code and frame label inside a movie clip with 4 frames containing different images ===

      as layer: stop();

      frame label: animate1, animate2, animate3, animate4



      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.