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    Articulate no longer converting since upgrading Presenter to


      I have been asked to convert a series of Articulate presentations to Presenter.

      I downloaded the Presenter Trial - version 7.0.1 - and all went well.

      I converted a couple of Articulate presentations without any problems


      Then I purchased the full version, and updated to

      As a consequence, when I open another Articulate presentation I am no longer given the option to convert to Presenter.


      Further still, it seems that doesn't like the Articulate file at all, because if I open the presentation with the Articulate file in the folder I now get a run-time error and PPT won't run the Presenter add-in. I get the message "Run-time error -2147467259 (80004005)"


      If I delete the Articulate file from the folder, then version does ask me to to convert, however, there is then no animation settings for it to import from Articulate and I would have to resynch all the timings.


      However, if I open the same presentation on my other machine which has the original 7.0.1 version installed, it always asks me to convert and doesnt give the error if the articulate file is there. With the Articulate file still in place I can import the timings as well as the audio.


      I have tried several different presentations and the same is always true.


      So it seems to be version specific in that 7.0.1 always converts, wont convert if an articulate file is present and also gives a runtime error.


      I am using Office 2007 and Articulate Studio 9