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    How to make Label not cut off blank?


      My Question:

      When I use "spark.components.Label" to display string, the blank at string's end didn't display.But I need display the blank.

      How can I make that?


      SDK: Flex 4.0 SDK(build 14159)


      Sample Code:

      import spark.components.Label;


      var label1:Label = new Label();

      label1.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x00ff00);

      label1.text = "some text    ";     // There is some space at end of the strin


      label1.y = 0;


      var label2:Label = new Label();

      label2.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x00ff00);

      label2.text = "some text";


      label2.y = 30;


      // The two labels displayed in same width at all