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    Paragraph and Character styles in Fireworks




      i used fireworks for a while, when it was still macromedia product, glade to see all the improvments in CS5.


      i used Photoshop to create a very specific prototyping (including all CSS properties) of my website, but when i come to prototype the rest of the pages i totaly lost control, than i realize Photoshop is not the right tool for prototyping a whole website.


      fireworks shuld be the answer of my prays, as i could read in the articles, in CS5 you can set all properties for text and fireworks will export it as CSS file, than al you have to do is copy and paste code according to your CSS structure, that grate time saver.


      but one thing is really betters me, you cant do really good prototyping if you dont have the ability to create a paragraph and character styles (as you would with InDesign)


      can fireworks create styles in the level of Indesign? and if not, what is the right workflow between Fireworks and Indesign?




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          pixlor Level 4

          InDesign is not a Web tool, so your workflow doesn't go from Fireworks to InDesign but from Fireworks to Dreamweaver. You want to write your CSS file in Dreamweaver, anyway, as that is the coding tool.


          Remember that you are creating a prototype in FW, not an actual site. Use Fireworks for layout and design prototyping, export your images, then build pages and sites in Dreamweaver.

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            James@Tropixel Level 1

            I also have the question... where are the caracter styles (or something similar) in fireworks?? If I'm designing a 100 pages document and my INLINE text links are red, and I decide to make them ALL pink, how do I do this change dynamically without manually changing one by one?

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              Window > Find and Replace will enable you to change all the instances of a text color in the entire document.


              You can create your own character styles by saving them in the Styles panel. To do this, click on an instance of a style you want to save, and then on the little down arrow at the top right of the Styles panel to open the New Style menu. Select which characteristics you want to save, then click the OK button to close the panel. To apply your custon style, select the object you want to apply it to, then click on your custom style.