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    Flex 4 project not picking up localized files

    bart.t. Level 1

      Project structure:


      - bin

      - lib

      - src

      --- assets

      --- com/...

      --- locale

      ------ nl_BE

      --------- login.properties

      --------- ....


      I've added the following lines to the compiler arguments:


      -services lib\services-config.xml 
      -context-root epa


      Localized strings are accessed like this:


      <mx:FormItem id="loginPasswordItem" label="{resourceManager.getString('login', 'LABEL_PWD')}" percentWidth="100">
                          <mx:TextInput id="loginPassword" name="loginPassword" displayAsPassword="true" percentWidth="100" enter="triggerSubmit()" />


      When I load my application, none of the localized strings are shown.


      Could anyone show me where my problem is?


      PS: I use Flash Builder as IDE.


      PPS: I also did the copylocale-stuff to create the nl_BE folder in my Flex4 directory