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    Pitch Correction and Surround Sound


      1.) I'm having trouble finding (if there is one) a pitch correction feature. Is there a way to perform pitch correction with AA4 Beta like in AA3? If not, will there be?


      2.) Also, is there a way to create a panning effect so that it sounds like something is all around you. In Logic, you can create a surround sound pan instead of a sound being panned to a particular spot in front/to the side of you, it seems to be on both sides (all around you).


      I hope I explained this feature clearly enough.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          The manual pitch correction tool is not yet implemented and will not be available in the release of Audition 4, but remains highly prioritized in our feature backlog for the next version.


          You could easily create the "surround" sound using the Channel Mixer effect to place the signal in all channels.  You could perform a similar task manually, by pasting the contents from one channel into the other channels of a 5.1 file.

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            pitch correction is a  deal breaker unless someone can come up with a work around.

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              Leprekahn7 Level 1

              There was nothing wrong with the pitch correction in 3.0. Is it that difficult to just write the same .vst for the mac?

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                The pitch correction effect in AA3 was a bit... Well... Crummy.


                The audibility of the formant shifts when correcting more than 50 cents or so was appalling, even compared to Autotune 4. Autotune evo - which I use mostly - is better again and melodyne is even better again, though less able to do quick retune speeds effectively.


                My point is, if you;re using AA3's pitch-correction, just download a trial of either melodyne or autotune and you'll hear what I mean.


                There is no real loss in losing the original pitch-correction effect.


                It's handy the way DAWs come with built-in effects but they are rarely worth using if you've got a 3rd-party plugin that will do the job.


                For example, many people think compressors sound dull and lifeless - taking the vibe out of recordings - when in fact it's the quality of the particular piece of software that should be questioned. Compare AA3's Dynamics processing effect with the Sonalksis SV315 or the Nomad Factory LM662. Very different, the LM and the SV but each vastly superior to any built-in compressor I've ever used, especially but not limited to AA3, Logic's compressor, Ableton - even reaper's reacomp, while ok is just that... OK.


                My point is, get yourself some good plugins for your workflow and use the host that best suits your workflow, not the one that has the best sounding effects.