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    "Shockwave Flash Player Unresponsive"


      Ok so I go to a flash based chat and lately when I go in...and it doesn't matter if I'm using IE or Chrome, after a bit the page becomes unresponsive...on Chrome I actually got an error stating that the shockwave flash player has become unresponsive.  I've also noticed that sometimes I'll just pull up Yahoo (which is set as my homepage) and it will go unresponsive even before fully loading.  I did a search and found some other forums that suggested uninstalling then reinstalling...which I did...which means I've got the very latest update, but the issue is still occuring.  HELP!!!!!!

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          Sorry to hear, but I've had the same issue for a month or more and tried everything.....no help here...I disabled all add-ons to see if there was a conflict, but as soon as I ran Flash on its own with only the shockwave add-on it crashed or in Google terms became un-responsive.. I've updated drivers have all the latest security patches etc, unchecked accelerators. I hope you get it sorted out, but dont hold your breath, and please realise that all help here is from other users NOT from Adobe....they only care if you have $39 to call the help line....Nice business....put out  faulty software and charge to fix it....now why didnt I think of that?....great business model until people catch on!

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            pwillener Level 8

            You don't give us your operating system, so I can only make a few vague suggestions...

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              I have the same problem. I keep on getting the message shockwave flash player unresponsive. Same problem on Chrome, Firefox and IE. I am so fruastated. I use a lap top and never had trouble before. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

              I am using Windows XP on my laptop.